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The Competition Authority and the National Consumer Agency amalgamated in October 2014 to form the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.

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23 April 2015

Advocacy Division

The Competition Authority has a statutory duty to promote competition in the Irish economy.  We do this mainly through the Advocacy Division, though all Divisions have a role in promoting awareness of competition. 

We promote competition in various ways

The Advocacy Division promotes competition in a number of ways:

  • Giving advice to Government Departments, public authorities and other State bodies on the implications for competition of both proposed and existing laws, regulations and policies;
  • Analysing areas of the economy where competition may be absent, limited or restricted; and
  • Identifying recommendations for reform to increase competition (where it is identified as absent, limited or restricted) and following up on their implementation.

Where we find that the State is unnecessarily restricting competition, we make recommendations for reform. Some examples of the restrictions on competition we have found are:

  • excessive requirements to enter an industry or profession;
  • a long-term legal right to a monopoly; and
  • a ban on advertising of prices.

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Date Printed: 28 November 2015

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